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1 April

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Date Created:2001-06-06
Number of Posts: 342

Kittin, is the prefered title of this LJ user. She is smart, cute and playful, but she does tend to have a nasty side. She has a love of all things furry and sweet(Candy can fall into the sweet category).
Strengths: Friendly, energectic, silly, smart, funny, isn't afraid to wear furry hats in public. ^.^
Weaknesses: Her fandom of the Lord of The Rings and Harry Potter. Her need to watch both whenever they come on makes it very difficult to gain her full attention. Her "crushy" feelings for the actors of said movies is also a pain in the bum. Yes.. she is a fan-girl... feel the shame. -_-'
Special Skills: Monkey-fu, clawing, flexiblity, great hearing, super eye sight, ability to give her younger sister monkey fro!
Weapons: Fangs, Claws, biting, tail, eye scratching and gouging for good measure.
Motto: Remember: Pillage then burn!

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**WARNING! Explicit content!!(This journal is not for children.)**
The name is Beth. I live in upstate New York. I'm 32 and live with my Fiance, Vince. I tend to keep to myself whenever possible. Everything I write about I find to be important in my life.I'm often misunderstood , but who isn't when they act as strange as me. I love to make people laugh, it's one of my daily goals. I can be overly sensitive... I'm a little paranoid too. I'm your basic American girl. I am me.. and I am damned proud of it. My family lives down the road. We're just outside a town that is so small and old that it is named "The Antique Village Of Greene" How sad is that.. this town hasn't been allowed to change since the sixties. Oh well..

I'm a major anime freak, I love anything that has to do with it. I especially love catgirls. They are so perfect.. a combination of human and feline qualities. My ultimate goal! I'm a huge cat lover.. hehe. But I also like to indulge in other fantasy ideals as well.. just look at my interests. I'm a lover of faeries, elves and so on. I also have a thing for the paranormal. I used to work in a haunted Hotel.. maybe that's why. I'm also a huge fan of Post WW2 America. I dig retro anything from 1940's-1960's. The 70's should stay dead, but the 80's are okie-dokie since I grew up then. Anyway, enough babble. Enjoy my journal!

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I have a problem... as you can see.. *feels ashamed*
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