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Just another day... - _-Sweet Treats-_ [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Just another day... [Sep. 13th, 2011|03:25 am]
[Current Mood |jealousjealous]
[Current Music |Lady Gaga- electric chapel]

Well, I had the day off and accomplished absolutely nothing. Seeing as this morning i woke up and noticed something wrong with my hand. I have this bony portrusion on the palm of my hand where the palm of my hand and the base of the pinkie knuckle meet. So I'm gonna have to have the doctor tell me what he thinks. I already have an appointment for friday to get my blood sugar tested again. Yeah, gotta have it done every three months to make sure I don't go diabetic like my Dad. Just one more thing to add to my file on top of my screwed up ankle.
Anyway, I've got to work in the morning. My boss has a doctors appointment in the am to see if she's expecting, not sure where I stand on that one. But nothing to do about it anyways, not my problem until she takes maternity leave.
Does bring up the question of when i'll get to start my own family, vince has no comment other than that he does want kids eventually. My self imposwed deadline is fast approaching though. I told him straight up, I plan to have our first child by the time I'm thirty. I will not wait until I'm middle aged to start popping out kids. I want to be in their lives and thier children's lives for as long as I can. Now if only I could get Vince to make it all officail and get on with it. We will never be financially ready for any of it, so what's the use in waiting? I'd like my dad to see his grandkids before he dies. I can't say how long he'll be around if he don't start taking better care of himself. Same for Papa and Vince's parents. Hell I still have my grandparents on my mom's side too, but they aren't spring chickens. Anyway, maybe I can talk him into to it... Once I get my house cleaned and organizedand get him to do housework and stop being a forgetful frannie...He tries, but he's not very good at either. Heh, he's far from perfect, but I love him anyways.
Alrighty then, I need to go to bed if I'm gonna open the store tomorrow. Seeing as we'll have to leave a bit earlier with the detours from the flooding and Vince needing to make it back to bainbridge by nine-thirty in the morning. I'll take my leave and hopefully have a good day tomorrow.